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Session Code: PP01
Date and Time of Session: Monday, October 27;   09:00 AM - 04:30 PM
Title: General Surgery
CME Credit Hours: 0
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General Surgery (GEN)
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Program Participants

A Prospective Randomized-Controlled Study Comparing the Olongapo Incision with the Rockey-Davis Incision for Open Appendectomy
Voltaire A. Carandang, Sr, MD

Can We Diminish Chronic Pain Changing The Mesh?
Mike R. Langenbach; Stefan Sauerland, MD, MPH

Comparative Study of Intraperitoneal Prophylactic Agents in Preventing Postoperative Adhesions
José M. Correa, MD, FACS; Alejandro Gidi, MD; Francisco V. Velez, MD; Ricardo H. Blanco, MD; Eduardo Villegas, MD; Mario A. González Chávez, MD; Carlos L. Caballero, MD; Ramon R. Lemus, MD

Comparison of the Effects of Local Infiltration of Tramadol on Incision Site Versus Intravenous Administration of Tramadol on the Post-Operative Pain and Incidence of its Side Effects Among Adult Patients Following Elective Surgery in 2013: A Multi-Center Experience
Ma. Olivia B. Miranda, MD; Nilo C. de Los Santos, MD; Alberto P. Paulino, Jr, MD, FPCS, FPSGS, FACS; Daryl Y. Zorilla, MD

Completion of Research Training during Residency is Associated with American Board of Surgery Examination Performance
Andrew Jones; Whitney Smiley; Thomas W. Biester; Mark A. Malangoni, MD, FACS

Day versus Night: Time-of-Day is Associated with Clinical Management and Outcomes in Appendicitis
Frederick T. Drake, MD, MPH; Neli E. Mottey; Anthony A. Castelli; Michael G. Florence, MD, FACS; Morris G. Johnson, MD, FACS; Scott R. Steele, MD, FACS; Richard C. Thirlby, MD, FACS; David R. Flum, MD, MPH

Delayed Repair of Obstructing Ventral Hernias is Associated With Higher Mortality and Morbidity
Dino Spaniolas, MD, FACS; John R. Pender, MD, FACS; Mark Manwaring, MD, FACS; William H. Chapman, MD, FACS; Walter E. Pofahl, II, MD, FACS

Design of a Light-Controlled Reverse Phase Transition Hydrogel for Use in Vascular Anastomosis
Gabriel Brat; Daniel J. Smith, PhD; Dedi Tong, MD; Yong Huang, PhD; Johanna Grahammer; Katelyn Nagy; Gerald Brandacher, MD; Joel P. Schneider, PhD

Distribution and Prognostic Significance of Molecular Subtypes of Breast Cancer Patients in Three Institutions: A Retrospective Analysis
Charlanne B. Labanda, MD; Amanda Louise Mora, MD; Ray B. Malilay, MD, FACS, FPCS, FPSGS.

Educating Surgeons Allows for Reduced Intraoperative Costs for Inguinal Herniorrhaphy
Yalini Vigneswaran, MD; Joseph Muldoon, MD; Matthew E. Gitelis; Michael B. Ujiki, MD, FACS; Woody Denham, MD; Mark S. Talamonti, MD, FACS; John G. Linn, MD.

Efficacy of a Laparoscopically Delivered Transversus Abdominis Plane Block Technique during Elective Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy; a Prospective Double Blind Randomized Trial
Ghassan Elamin; Hytham Hamid; Peadar S. Waters, MB,Bch, BAO, MRCSI, MchEDuc, MD; Hannah M. O'Keeffe, BM,BS, BSc; Mechelle Duggan, MB, MD; Waqar Khan, MB,BS, FRCSI; Ronan Waldron, MB, FRCSI, MCh; Kevin Barry, MB, FRCSI, MD, FACS; Iqbal Z. Khan, MB, BS, MRCSI, FRCSI, FRCS

Endoscopic Closure of Full-Thickness Gastrointestinal Tract Defects with Over-the-Scope Clipping
Ryan M. Juza, MD; Eric M. Pauli, MD; Sean B. Orenstein, MD; Jeffrey M. Marks, MD, FACS

Endoscopic Vacuum Therapy (EVT) for Defects of the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract
Mike G. Laukoetter, MD; Norbert Senninger, MD, FACS; Mario Colombo-Benkmann, MD, FACS; Rudolf Mennigen, MD

Inguinal Hernia Repair Using 3D Printed Surgical Instruments in the Cadaveric Model
Joseph D. Love, DO, FACS; Mitchell J. George; Kevin Aroom; Brijesh Gill, MD, FACS

Laparoscopic Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Placement: Four Years Experience with 100 Patients
Adam T. Hauch, MD, MBA; Anil Paramesh, MD, FACS

Management of 1-2 Centimeter Carcinoid Tumors of the Appendix: Using the National Cancer Database to Resolve Controversies in General Surgery
Daniel P. Nussbaum, MD; Paul J. Speicher, MD; Brian C. Gulack, MD; Asvin Ganapathi, MD; Brian R. Englum, MD; Douglas S. Tyler, MD; Dan G. Blazer III

Microcytic Adnexal Carcinoma: A Population-Based Outcomes Study involving 494 Patients from the Surveillance Epidemiology and End Result (SEER) Database (1973-2010)
Krishnaraj Mahendraraj, MD; Jaswinder Sond, MB,BS; Ronald S. Chamberlain, MD, MPA, FACS

Mortality Following Emergency Gastrointestinal Surgery in the Quebec Elderly
Fadi Hamadani, BSCHONS; Simon Bergman, MD, FACS; Julie Vaillancourt, MSc; John S. Sampalis, PhD, FRCSC

National Trend in Common Bile Duct Injury During Cholecystectomy: An NIS Database Analysis
John N. Afthinos, MD; Gurdeep S. Matharoo, MD; Karen E. Gibbs, MD

No Pain, Lots of Gain: A Method to Reduce Opioid Adverse Events in your Hospital
Jay A. Redan, MD, FACS; Sandra Reeder; Tina Wells, RN

Non-operative Management of Mild Appendicitis: Is it time for full informed patient consent to also include the option of non-operative therapy?
Mark C. Horattas, MD, FACS; Elya Horattas, MD

Non-operative Management of Mild Appendicitis: Is it time for full informed patient consent to also include the option of non-operative therapy?
Mark C. Horattas, MD, FACS; Elya Horattas, MD

Obstructing Ventral Hernias are Not Independently Associated with Surgical Site Infections
Megan Sippey, MD; Mark Manwaring, MD, FACS; John R. Pender, IV, MD, FACS; William H. Chapman, MD, FACS; Walter E. Pofahl, II, MD, FACS; Gina L. Adrales, MD, MPh; Konstantinos Spaniolas, MD

Perioperative Rates of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) in Normal Weight versus Obese and Morbidly Obese Surgical Patients in the Era Post Venous thromboembolism (VTE) Prophylaxis Guidelines
Lily Wang; Aurora D. Pryor, MD; Jamie Lee Romeiser; Maria Altieri, MD; Mark A. Talamini, MD, FACS; Dana A. Telem, MD

Plasma microRNA profiles: Identification of miR-25 as a Novel Diagnostic and Monitoring Biomarker in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Wataru Okajima; Shuhei Komatsu, MD, PhD; Daisuke Ichikawa, MD; Shoji Hirajima; Hiroki Takeshita; Hirotaka Konishi, MD; Atsushi Shiozaki, MD, PhD; Hitoshi Fujiwara, MD; Kazuma Okamoto, MD; Eigo Otsuji

Poor Outcomes Following Emergent Surgery for Bowel Obstruction in Patients with Disseminated Malignancy
Brian C. Gulack, MD; Paul J. Speicher, MD; Brian R. Englum, MD; Daniel P. Nussbaum, MD; Asvin Ganapathi, MD; John E. Scarborough, MD; Dan G. Blazer, MD

Poor Prognostic Subgroup in pT3N0 Stage IIA Gastric Cancer, Suggesting an Indication for Adjuvant Chemotherapy
Taisuke Imamura; Shuhei Komatsu, MD, PhD; Daisuke Ichikawa, MD; Takeshi Kubota, MD, PhD; Kazuma Okamoto, MD; Hirotaka Konishi, MD; Atsushi Shiozaki, MD, PhD; Hitoshi Fujiwara, MD; Eigo Otsuji

Post -Operative Seromas: Are they Preventable with Dead Space Obliteration?
Terry Nickerson, MD; Jonathon Aho, MD; Michel Saint-Cyr, MD; David R. Farley, MD, FACS

Quality of Life One Year Following Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair
John S. Roth, MD, FACS; Curtis E. Bower, MD, FACS; John E. Wennergren, MD; Daniel L. Davenport, PhD

Recurrence Rates in Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair Patients: Closure Versus Non-closure of the Hernia Defect
Francis J. DeAsis; Matthew E. Gitelis; Brittany Lapin, MPH; Woody Denham, MD, FACS; Stephen P. Haggerty, MD, FACS; John G. Linn, MD; Joann M. Carbray; Michael B. Ujiki, MD, FACS

Robotic Radical Gastrectomy for Gastric Adenocarcinoma: Short-term Outcomes and Potential Advantages in Comparison with Conventional Laparoscopic Approach
Koichi Suda, MD, PhD; Yoshinori Ishida, MD, PhD; Seiji Satoh, MD, PhD, FACS; Ichiro Uyama, MD, PhD, FACS

The Impact of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease on Perioperative Mortality and Specific Morbidity utilizing the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP)
Joseph B. Oliver, MD; Advaith Bongu, MD; Kimberly B. Nester, RN, MSN; George Dikdan, PhD; Abdel-Kareem Beidas; Urvashi Pandit, MPH, MBS; Babuaro Koneru, MD; Lloyd Brown, MD.

The Reduction of Peripheral Blood CD4+ T Cell Indicates Persistent Organ Failure in Acute Pancreatitis
Yushun Zhang; Zhiyong Yang, MD; Shanmiao Gou, MD, PhD; Chunyou Wang, MD; Heshui Wu, MD.

The Relationship Between Grip Force of Surgeons and Operation Force of Two Mechanical Circular Staplers under Different Grip Widths
Emiko Kono; Mitsunori Tada, MD; Makiko Kouchi; Yui Endo; Yasuko Tomizawa, MD

To Resect or Not to Resect: Risk factors for Bowel Resection in Mesenteric Ischemia
Stephen M. Stanek, MD; Ilene Staff, PhD; Jasmine Patel; Manish Tandon, MD; Karyn Butler, MD, FACS

Use of Ergonomic Analysis to Optimize Lower Cost Training Platforms for the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery
Mary Teresa O'Donnell, MD

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