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Session Code: PP07
Date and Time of Session: Monday, October 27;   09:00 AM - 04:30 PM
Title: Vascular Surgery
CME Credit Hours: 0
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Vascular Surgery (VAS)
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Program Participants

Amputation Rates Associated with Revascularization Procedure Choice and Injury Type in Popliteal Artery, Popliteal Vein and Concomitant Popliteal Artery and Vein Trauma
Anahita Dua, MD; Sapan S. Desai, MD, PhD, MBA; Cheong J. Lee, MD.

Balloon angioplasty for NIVL
Arkady Ganelin; Anil P. Hingorani, MD, FACS; Yuriy Ostrozhynskyy; Enrico Ascher, MD, FACS; Borislav Kheyson, MD; Eleanora Iadgarova, RN; Natalie Marks, MD.

Calcification Predicts In-Stent Restenosis After Carotid Artery Stenting (CAS) in High-Risk Patients
Kirstyn Brownson; Roland Assi, MD; Penny Vasilas; Bart Muhs; Alan Dardik, MD, PhD, FACS; Michael R. Hall, MD.

Effectively Reducing Recurrence of Venous Ulcerations with Radiofrequency Ablation of the Greater Saphenous Vein (GSV) in Patients with a CEAP Class 5
Rafael Santini Dominquez; Waika Velez, MD; Jorge Martinez-Trabal, MD FACS

Excellent outcomes following surgical intervention in 542 patients with thoracic outlet syndrome over a decade
Megan Orlando; Kendall Likes; Ying Wei Lum, MD, FACS; Thomas Reifsnyder, MD, FACS; Julie A. Freischlag, MD.

Superior Vena Cava Reconstruction in Patients on Hemodialysis
Robert W. Feldtman, MD, FACS; Pablo V. Uceda, MD; Cameron E. Kliner; Kaitlyn E. Egan; Kenneth R. Kollmeyer, MD, FACS; Sam S. Ahn, MD, FACS.

Surgical Co-Management by Hospitalists After Major Vascular Surgery. Is There Value?
I.M. Leitman, MD, FACS; Dahlia Rizk; Allison J. Capossela; Joanna Mecca, MD; Kevin Narag; Valentina Lavarias; Thomas R. Bernik, MD, FACS; Robert Grossi; Christopher B. Mills, MD, FACS; Marty S. Karpeh, Jr., MD, FACS.

The Survival Benefit of Kidney Transplantation in ESRD Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease
James Cassuto; Sateesh C. Babu, MD; Igor A. Laskowski, MD, PhD.

Updated Meta-Analysis of Femoropopliteal Bypass Grafts for Lower Extremity Arterial Disease
Gerhard Hoffmann, MD, FACS.

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