American College of Surgeons 96th Annual Clinical Congress, Washington DC, October 3-7, 2010
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Surgical Profesionalism in the 21st Century

2010 Preliminary Clinical Congress - Search Results

2010 Preliminary Clinical Congress Program - Search Results

Session Track:Vascular Surgery (VAS)

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Session Code Session Title Day of Session Start Time End Time Type of Session Multimedia
PG21 Getting Out of Trouble during Open Vascular and Endovascular Procedures Sunday 09:00:AM 04:30:PM Postgraduate Courses
SE10 Vascular Surgery Monday 09:00:AM 04:30:PM Scientific Exhibits
PS107 Advances in Endovascular Surgery of the Head and Neck Monday 09:45:AM 01:00:PM Panel Session
SC09 Techniques in the Management of Venous Disease in the 21st Century Monday 10:00:AM 05:30:PM Surgical Skills Course
PS121 Orthopaedic Emergencies for the General Surgeon: Fasciotomies, Pelvic Packing, Combined Orthopaedic/Vascular Trauma, Mangled Extremity Monday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Panel Session
PS131 Vascular Catastrophes for the Acute Care Surgeon Monday 04:15:PM 05:45:PM Panel Session
PS204 Evidence-Based Management of the Diabetic Foot Tuesday 08:00:AM 09:30:AM Panel Session
SC14 Vascular Ultrasound: Current Applications and Laboratory Management Tuesday 08:30:AM 02:00:PM Surgical Skills Course
PS216 Simulation in Open and Endovascular Procedures Tuesday 09:45:AM 11:15:AM Panel Session
SP11 Vascular Surgery Tuesday 11:30:AM 01:00:PM Scientific Paper
PS234 Venous Thromboembolism on the Surgery Service Tuesday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Panel Session
PS241 Operative Approach to Injured Major Abdominal Vessels Tuesday 04:15:PM 05:45:PM Panel Session
PG25 Review Course in the Essentials of Vascular Surgery for General and Vascular Surgeons Wednesday 08:00:AM 03:30:PM Postgraduate Courses
PS302 Catheter-Based Management of Common Vascular Injuries Wednesday 08:00:AM 09:30:AM Panel Session
SF22 Vascular Surgery I Wednesday 08:00:AM 11:15:AM Surgical Forum
PS309 Dialysis Angioaccess Challenges Wednesday 09:45:AM 11:15:AM Panel Session
VE17 Vascular Surgery Wednesday 11:30:AM 01:00:PM Video-based Session
SF27 Vascular Surgery II Wednesday 02:30:PM 05:45:PM Surgical Forum

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