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2012 Preliminary Clinical Congress - Search Results

2012 Preliminary Clinical Congress Program - Search Results

Session Track: Trauma / Critical Care (TRA)

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Session Code Session Title Day of Session Start Time End Time Type of Session Multimedia
SC02 Practical Applications of Ultrasound in the ICU: ECHO and Thoracic Lecture Saturday 08:30:AM 12 noon Surgical Skills Course
PG15 Challenging Surgical Emergencies: What to Do in the Middle of the Night Saturday 09:30:AM 05:00:PM Postgraduate Courses
PG17 Surgical Critical Care Board Review Sunday 08:00:AM 04:30:PM Postgraduate Courses
PP07 Trauma Surgery Monday 09:00:AM 04:30:PM Poster Presentation
SP02 Trauma and Acute Care I Monday 11:30:AM 01:00:PM Scientific Paper
ME110 Trauma of the Genitourinary Tract Monday 01:15:PM 02:15:PM Meet the Expert Session
ME112 Developing an Acute Care Surgery Service: Is It Right for My Hospital? Monday 01:15:PM 02:15:PM Meet the Expert Session
ME115 Critical Care Management of the Traumatic Brain Injury Monday 01:15:PM 02:15:PM Meet the Expert Session
PS119 Ocular Trauma in the ER, in the OR, and on the Battlefield Monday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Panel Session
PS127 Staunch the Flow: How to Best Employ New Topical Hemostats, Sealants, and Adhesives Monday 04:15:PM 05:45:PM Panel Session
PS201 After Discharge: Rehabilitation and End Results after Major Trauma Tuesday 08:00:AM 09:30:AM Panel Session
PS203 Duodenal Emergencies: Perforation, Bleeding, and Trauma Tuesday 08:00:AM 09:30:AM Panel Session Webcast
SF10 Critical Care I: Mechanisms of Cellular Injury in Trauma and Sepsis Tuesday 08:00:AM 11:15:AM Surgical Forum
PS215 Joining Forces: How We Can Help Our Returning Veterans Tuesday 09:45:AM 11:15:AM Panel Session Webcast
ME215 Complex Abdominal Trauma Tuesday 11:30:AM 12:30:PM Meet the Expert Session
ME216 Endovascular Treatment of Vascular Trauma Tuesday 11:30:AM 12:30:PM Meet the Expert Session
NL06 Scudder Oration on Trauma Tuesday 12:45:PM 01:30:PM Named Lecture
PS225 Endovascular Management of Acute Vascular Trauma Tuesday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Panel Session
PS234 Surgical Management and Critical Care for Severe Brain Injuries Tuesday 04:15:PM 05:45:PM Panel Session
TH10 Do Structures and Processes Lead to Better Outcomes in Trauma Care? Wednesday 07:00:AM 07:45:AM Town Hall Meeting
PS305 The Virtual Presence of Trauma Physicians Wednesday 08:00:AM 09:30:AM Panel Session
SF21 Critical Care II: Epidemiology and Management of Trauma Wednesday 08:00:AM 11:15:AM Surgical Forum
PG24 Trauma Techniques: From Top to Bottom Wednesday 09:00:AM 04:30:PM Postgraduate Courses
PP21 Perioperative and Critical Care Surgery Wednesday 09:00:AM 04:30:PM Poster Presentation
PS307 Devastating Pelvic Trauma Wednesday 09:45:AM 11:15:AM Panel Session Webcast
PS313 Experts on the Hot Seat: Challenging Trauma and Emergency Surgery Cases Wednesday 12:45:PM 02:15:PM Panel Session Webcast
SP15 Trauma and Acute Care II Wednesday 12:45:PM 02:15:PM Scientific Paper
PS321 What's New in Blood Transfusion and Colloid Resuscitation Wednesday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Panel Session
VE24 Trauma Wednesday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Video-based Session
PS323 The Committee on Trauma of the American College of Surgeons: Past, Present, and Future Wednesday 04:15:PM 05:45:PM Panel Session
PS400 Acute Care Surgery: A Typical Night on Call Thursday 08:00:AM 09:30:AM Panel Session
PS404 Dangerous Drugs and Surgery: Steroids, Anticoagulants, and Homeopathic Treatments Thursday 09:45:AM 11:15:AM Panel Session

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