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2013 Preliminary Clinical Congress - Search Results

2013 Preliminary Clinical Congress Program - Search Results

Session Track: Education / Outcomes & Safety (EDU)

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Session Code Session Title Day of Session Start Time End Time Type of Session Multimedia
SC05 Surgical Education: Principles and Practice Sunday 09:30:AM 05:00:PM Postgraduate Courses
SC08B Intraoperative Decisions in Laparoscopic Inguinal and Ventral Hernia Repair (Lecture and Lab) Monday 09:45:AM 05:45:PM Surgical Skills Course
SF05 Quality, Outcomes and Costs I Monday 09:45:AM 01:00:PM Surgical Forum
PG22 Robotic Surgery for Gastrointestinal Operations: Program Planning, Approaches, and Applications Monday 10:00:AM 05:30:PM Postgraduate Courses
PS114 Initiates' Program: Titrating Your Leadership Skills - A Primer for Young Surgeons Monday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Panel Session
SP04 Quality, Outcomes, and Costs I Monday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Scientific Paper
PS125 Employing Allied Health Professionals in a Surgical Practice Monday 04:15:PM 05:45:PM Panel Session Webcast
TH10 Introspection: The New Surgical “Time Out” Tuesday 07:00:AM 07:45:AM Town Hall Meeting
PS206 Innovation and Invention in Surgery Tuesday 08:00:AM 09:30:AM Panel Session
SC10 Measure Twice, Cut Once! Optimizing Surgical Systems of Care Tuesday 08:00:AM 04:30:PM Postgraduate Courses Webcast
SF15 Quality, Outcomes and Costs II Tuesday 08:00:AM 11:15:AM Surgical Forum
PP15 Transplantation Tuesday 09:00:AM 04:30:PM Poster Presentation
ME201 How to Mentor a Newly Trained Partner Tuesday 11:30:AM 12:30:PM Meet the Expert Session
PG25 MOC Review: Essentials for Surgical Specialties Tuesday 12:30:PM 04:45:PM Postgraduate Courses Webcast
SP08 Surgical Education Tuesday 12:45:PM 02:15:PM Scientific Paper
PS221 Association of Program Directors in Surgery (APDS) Panels: Improving General Surgery Residency Training Tuesday 01:00:PM 05:00:PM Panel Session
SP09 Quality, Outcomes, and Costs II Tuesday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Scientific Paper
TH11 Transition to Independent Practice: New ACS Program for General Surgeons Wednesday 07:00:AM 07:45:AM Town Hall Meeting
PS304 Redirection and Reentry: Flexibility for a Surgical Career Wednesday 08:00:AM 09:30:AM Panel Session
SF26 Surgical Education I Wednesday 08:00:AM 11:15:AM Surgical Forum
VE18 Pediatric Surgery Wednesday 08:00:AM 11:15:AM Video-based Session
PG27 Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons (NOTSS) in the Operating Room: Behaviors in High-Performing Teams Wednesday 08:30:AM 04:00:PM Postgraduate Courses
PP20 Quality, Outcomes, and Costs Wednesday 09:00:AM 04:30:PM Poster Presentation
PP21 Surgical Education Wednesday 09:00:AM 04:30:PM Poster Presentation
PS309 The Modern Family: Surgery 2013 Wednesday 09:45:AM 11:15:AM Panel Session
PS328 A Century of Canadian Contributions to the American College of Surgeons and Surgical Science Wednesday 09:45:AM 11:15:AM Panel Session
SP15 Surgical Humanitarian Outreach I; Quality, Outcomes, and Costs III Wednesday 09:45:AM 11:15:AM Scientific Paper
ME307 Preparing for ABS Recertification: Don't Sweat It...Or Maybe... Wednesday 11:30:AM 12:30:PM Meet the Expert Session
PS316 Nonsurgical Education: Is It Worth Going Back to School? Wednesday 12:45:PM 02:15:PM Panel Session
SF29 Quality, Outcomes and Costs III Wednesday 02:30:PM 05:45:PM Surgical Forum
PS330 Negotiating for Success Wednesday 04:15:PM 05:45:PM Panel Session
SF32 Patient Safety Wednesday 04:15:PM 05:45:PM Surgical Forum
TH08 Choosing a Surgical Discipline Thursday 07:00:AM 07:45:AM Town Hall Meeting
TH13 Surgeon Specific Registry and Maintenance of Certification: What Does it Mean for the Practicing Surgeon? Thursday 07:00:AM 07:45:AM Town Hall Meeting
SF34 Innovative Clinical Technology Thursday 08:00:AM 11:15:AM Surgical Forum
SF36 Surgical Education II Thursday 08:00:AM 11:15:AM Surgical Forum
PS408 It Pays for Your Patients to Quit Smoking before Surgery: Outcomes, Interventions, and Reimbursement Thursday 09:45:AM 11:15:AM Panel Session Webcast

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