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2013 Preliminary Clinical Congress - Search Results

2013 Preliminary Clinical Congress Program - Search Results

Session Track: Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery (OTO)

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Session Code Session Title Day of Session Start Time End Time Type of Session Multimedia
PP04 Otolaryngology Monday 09:00:AM 04:30:PM Poster Presentation
SC07 Thyroid and Parathyroid Ultrasound Monday 09:45:AM 05:45:PM Surgical Skills Course
SC07W Thyroid and Parathyroid Ultrasound (Hands-On Lab) Monday 09:45:AM 05:45:PM Surgical Skills Course
PS108 Controversies in Thyroid Surgery Monday 11:30:AM 01:00:PM Panel Session Webcast
ME111 Parathyroid Disease Monday 01:15:PM 02:15:PM Meet the Expert Session
PS116 Approach to Neck Masses in Adults and Children Monday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Panel Session
PS124 Controversies in Parathyroid Surgery Monday 04:15:PM 05:45:PM Panel Session Webcast
VE08 Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Tuesday 08:00:AM 11:15:AM Video-based Session
ME205 Barrett's Esophagus Tuesday 11:30:AM 12:30:PM Meet the Expert Session
SC13W Emergency Airways Tuesday 01:30:PM 04:30:PM Surgical Skills Course
PS225 Hot Topics in Thyroid Cancer Tuesday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Panel Session Webcast
TH06 Medical Liability Reform 2013: Thinking Outside of the Box to achieve Tort Reform Wednesday 07:00:AM 07:45:AM Town Hall Meeting
ME302 Recurrent Esophageal Symptoms after Nissen Fundoplication Wednesday 11:30:AM 12:30:PM Meet the Expert Session
ME310 Thyroid Surgery: Tips for Staying Out of Trouble Wednesday 11:30:AM 12:30:PM Meet the Expert Session
PS313 Complications of Esophageal Procedures: Neck, Chest, and Abdomen Wednesday 12:45:PM 02:15:PM Panel Session Webcast
PS321 Gunshot Wounds to the Face: Contemporary Management Wednesday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Panel Session
PS322 State of the Art in Head and Neck Trauma, Adult and Pediatric Wednesday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Panel Session

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