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2014 Preliminary Clinical Congress Program - Search Results

Session Track: Cardiothoracic Surgery (CTS)

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Session Code Session Title Day of Session Start Time End Time Type of Session Multimedia
NL02 John H. Gibbon, Jr., Lecture Monday 09:45:AM 10:45:AM Named Lecture
PS103 Free-Flap Surgery: The Revolution of Reconstruction Monday 09:45:AM 11:15:AM Panel Session Webcast
VE02 Cardiothoracic Surgery Monday 09:45:AM 01:00:PM Video-based Education Session
ME111 Surgical Management of Congenital Chest Wall Deformities Monday 01:15:PM 02:15:PM Meet the Expert Session
PS204 Management of Acute and Chronic Pleural Disease Tuesday 08:00:AM 09:30:AM Panel Session Webcast
SF10 Cardiothoracic Surgery I Tuesday 08:00:AM 11:15:AM Surgical Forum
PS211 Primer on Thoracic Oncology Principles Tuesday 09:45:AM 11:15:AM Panel Session Webcast
PS228 Management of Common Thoracic Trauma Tuesday 04:15:PM 05:45:PM Panel Session Webcast
PP17 Cardiothoracic Surgery Wednesday 09:00:AM 04:30:PM Poster Presentation
ME313 Peri- and Postoperative Challenges of the Esophagectomy Patient Wednesday 11:30:AM 12:30:PM Meet the Expert Session
SF24 Cardiothoracic Surgery II Wednesday 02:30:PM 05:45:PM Surgical Forum
SP18 Cardiothoracic Surgery Wednesday 02:30:PM 04:00:PM Scientific Paper
PS402 Current State of Endovascular Thoracic Aortic and Aortic Valve Technology Thursday 08:00:AM 09:30:AM Panel Session Webcast
PS407 Laparoscopic Gastroesophageal Junction Surgery: Still Indicated After All These Years? Thursday 09:45:AM 11:15:AM Panel Session Webcast

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