Collaborative Stage for TNM 7 - Revised 02/03/2010  [ Schema ]


CS Site-Specific Factor 5
Number of Examined Pelvic Nodes

000All nodes examined negative.
001-0891 - 89 nodes positive (code exact number of nodes positive)
09090 or more nodes positive
095Positive aspiration or core biopsy of lymph node(s)
097Positive nodes - number unspecified
098No nodes examined
Converted to code 988
Not applicable for this site
988Not applicable:  Information not collected for this case
(May include cases converted from code 888 used in CSv1 for "Not applicable" or when the item was not collected.  If this item is
required to derive T, N, M, or any stage, use of code 988 may result in an error.)
999Unknown if nodes are positive; not applicable
Not documented in patient record