Collaborative Stage for TNM 7 - Revised 09/01/2009  [ Schema ]


CS Extension

CodeDescriptionTNM 7th MapTNM 6th MapSS77 MapSS2000 Map
000In situ; non-invasive; intraepithelial^NAISIS
050(Adeno)carcinoma in a polyp, noninvasive^NAISIS
100Invasive tumor confined to mucosa, NOS, including intramucosal, NOS^NALL
110Invasion of lamina propria^NALL
120Invasion of muscularis mucosae^NALL
130Confined to head of polypERRORNALL
140Confined to stalk of polypERRORNALL
150Invasion of polyp, NOSERRORNALL
160Invasion of submucosa (superficial invasion)^NALL
170Stated as T1, NOS^NALL
200Muscularis propria invaded^NALL
210Stated as T2, NOS^NALL
300Localized, NOS
Intraluminal spread to other segments of small intestine or cecum
400Invasion through muscularis propria or muscularis, NOS
Extension through wall, NOS
Subserosal tissue/(sub) serosal fat invaded
Transmural, NOS
410Stated as T3, NOS^NALL
450Adjacent connective tissue
Mesentery, including mesenteric fat, invaded less than or equal to 2 cm in depth or NOS
Nonperitonealized perimuscular tissue invaded less than or equal to 2 cm in depth or NOS
Retroperitoneum invaded less than or equal to 2 cm in depth or NOS
500Invasion of/through serosa(mesothelium)(tunica serosa) (visceral peritoneum)^NALRE
550(500) + [(420) or (450)]^NARERE
600For duodenum primary only:
    Ampulla of Vater
    Extrahepatic bile ducts
    Pancreatic duct
650For duodenum primary only:
    Blood vessel(s), major:
        Gastroduodenal artery
        Portal vein
        Renal vein
        Superior mesenteric artery or vein
        Vena cava
    Greater omentum
    Hepatic flexure
    Kidney, NOS
    Kidney, right
    Liver, NOS
    Liver, quadrate lobe
    Liver, right lobe
    Omentum, NOS
    Transverse colon
    Ureter, right
For jejunum or ileum primary only:
    Colon, including appendix
660For duodenum primary only:
670For all small intestine sites:
    Abdominal wall
    Mesentery invaded greater than 2 cm in depth
    Non-peritonealized perimuscular tissue invaded
    greater than 2 cm in depth
    Retroperitoneum invaded greater than 2 cm in depth
680For all small intestine sites:
    Other segments of the small intestine via serosa
690Stated as T4, NOS^NARERE
700For jejunum or ileum primary only:
    Fallopian tube
800Further contiguous extension^NADD
950No evidence of primary tumorT0NAUU
999Unknown extension
Primary tumor cannot be assessed
Not documented in patient record