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CME Requirements At-A-Glance
Renewal Cycle:  
     Three Years

State-Mandated CME Requirements:

State-Mandated CME Content Detail
Licensees are required to earn 150 hours total hours of continuing education every three-year renewal cycle.

New Requirements Effective 2020

Prescribers with Controlled Substances Registrations are required to complete 3 hours of continuing education (CE) on safe opioid prescribing practices to renew their Controlled Substances Registration. This requirement can be included in the total number of hours required to renew a professional license. This requirement will be in effect for all Controlled Substances Registration renewals in 2020 and after.

All persons who hold a professional license that require CE to renew are required to complete a one-hour course in sexual harassment prevention training and is effective for all renewals on or after January 1, 2020. This CE requirement is included in the number of hours already required under the individual Acts and Rules and does not increase the number of hours required to renew a license.
Accepted CME
Accepted CME
State Statutes and Codes
Illinois Administrative Code - Medical Practice Act
State Medical Board
Illinois Medical Licensing Board - Contact Information
Updated May 2022
State requirements are subject to change. Please contact or your state medical board if you have any questions or concerns about the content of this website.