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CME Requirements At-A-Glance
Renewal Cycle:  
     Biennial renewal by October 31 of odd-numbered years

State-Mandated CME Requirements:

State-Mandated CME Content Detail

Licensees are required to complete 30 hours of Category 1 AMA or AOA
continuing medical education each two-year renewal cycle. Each license holder is
required to take two of the required 30 hours via Board-approved courses on
responsible opioid prescription. Multiple courses may be combined that add up to
two hours as long as they are all on the approved list. Physicians who do not
hold a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration number to prescribe controlled
substances are exempted under the rules.
Accepted CME
Accepted CME
State Statutes and Codes
Wisconsin Administrative Code - Medical Examining Board
Board-Approved Opioid Prescribing Coures
State Medical Board
Wisconsin Medical Examining Board - Contact Information
Updated May 2022
State requirements are subject to change. Please contact or your state medical board if you have any questions or concerns about the content of this website.