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CME Requirements At-A-Glance
Renewal Cycle:
      Five-year CME cycle

Minimum CMEs:
CME Requirements Detail
As part of Continuous Certification, the ABS requires 150 credits of Category 1 CME over five years. The CME must be relevant to a surgeon's practice, or if clinically inactive, to the broad discipline of surgery. In addition, at least 50 of the 150 CME credits must include self-assessment: a question-and-answer exercise that assesses the surgeon's understanding of the material presented in the CME program. The activity must require a score of 75% or higher for the self-assessment to count. This requirement changes to 125 CME credits with no self-assessment required once diplomates pass the new assessment.

For diplomates who hold multiple ABS certificates, the continuous certification assessment must be completed for each certificate. Additionally, there is a discounted annual fee for diplomates who hold more than one ABS certificate (the annual fee is $285 for continuous certification for one certificate, and then an additional $150 for continuous certification for each additional certificate).
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ABS Continuous Certification Requirements
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Updated August 2022
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