Collaborative Stage Data Set - Revised 08/07/2013 FINAL


CS Extension

CodeDescriptionTNM 7 MapTNM 6 MapSS77 MapSS2000 Map
100Invasive tumor confined to cortex of bone^*LL
200Extension beyond cortex to periosteum (No break in periosteum)^*LL
300Localized, NOS^*LL
310Stated as T1 with no other information on extension^*LL
350Stated as T2 with no other information on extension^*LL
400Extension beyond periosteum to surrounding tissues, including adjacent skeletal muscle(s)^*RERE
600Adjacent bone/cartilage^*RERE
800Further contiguous extension^*DD
820Discontinuous tumors in the primary bone siteT3T3DD
850Stated as T3 with no other information on extensionT3T3DD
950No evidence of primary tumorT0T0UU
999Unknown; extension not stated
Primary tumor cannot be assessed
Not documented in patient record

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