Collaborative Stage Data Set - Revised 11/11/2010 FINAL


CS Site-Specific Factor 2
Specific Location of Tumor

010Fundus - Anterior Wall
020Fundus - Posterior Wall
030Fundus, NOS
040Body  - Anterior Wall
050Body - Posterior Wall
060Body - Lesser Curvature
070Body - Greater Curvature
080Body, NOS
090Antrum - Anterior Wall
100Antrum - Posterior Wall
110Antrum - Lesser Curvature
120Antrum - Greater Curvature
130Antrum, NOS
150Overlapping Lesion Anterior wall of stomach, NOS Posterior wall of stomach, NOS
160Lesser curvature, NOS Medial curvature, NOS
170Greater curvature, NOS Lateral curvature, NOS
See code 988:

Not applicable for this site
988Not applicable:  Information not collected for this case
(May include cases converted from code 888 used in CSv1 for "Not applicable" or when the item was not collected.  If this item is required to derive T, N, M, or any stage, use of code 988 may result in an error.)
999Unknown or no information
Stomach, NOS

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